Wing Load Testing

Mike Perry

I am making progress on testing Dave Chalmer's wing, either to destruction or to a very high G load. Before I meet with the Prof and students at Cal Poly I would like to know what percent of the airplanes weight is carried on the wing and what percent by the canard. I have heard 35%, but I believe that's an approximation. I believe the figure is based on weight and balance, but I'm not sure what station to use for "center of lift" on the canard and wing. What I most need is the percent of gross weight carried by the rear wing at most aft CG.

{Background: We have had some discussions on this list and in old newsletters about whether the layup schedule of the main wing is adequate, especially for people flying with higher max gross. See Quicktalk #28 - July/Aug 1986 (Waddelow-Sheehan correspondence, pp 9-10), Q-Talk #131 (LVK fly-in report), and Q-talk # 129 (So what is your Gross Weight? pp 4-6). See also the discussion in the archives starting 6-18-08 titled Main Wing Testing.}

Thanks -- Mike Perry

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