Re: Wing Load Testing

Mike Perry

Believe it or not I grew up speaking standard American English but you wouldn't know it from my last post. What I was trying to say is: You have to know where the center of lift is on each airfoil to know what part of the load each airfoil lifts on a Q.

Mike Perry

Mike Perry wrote:

Thanks to Earnie and Mike, however, I still have a few problems:

1) What is the center of lift for each airfoil? A flying Q is balanced
between 2 airfoils; the CG defines the center of lift for both, but the
load on each airfoil depends on the center of lift for each. In other
words, if the center of lift is at 30% mean chord that gives different
results than if it's at 25% mean chord. (I think 25% of mean chord is
typ. for conventional airfoils and 30% is typ. for laminar flow but I
don't have a source for those numbers.)

2) What is the airfoil for the main wing? I know the canard is either
the GU or the LS-1, but I can't find the airfoil for the main wing (I
know I've had it, but can't locate it now).

Mike Perry

Earnest Martin Wrote:
I think you are right. Use the location of the center of lift for each
wing and the C/G.
Mike Dwyer wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong but say the center of the CG range defines
basically the center of lift. You know where the wings are placed so it
should be simple to figure out how much each wing is lifiting. You just
gota get those few numbers together.
Mike Q200 N3QP


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