Re: Quickie Q1 registered as an E-LSA?

Patrick Panzera <panzera@...>

I see.
With all due respect, I'm not sure you do.

Well this is all very disappointing.
Why? I told you how you could go about making it happen.

I was hoping to be able to build one,
You can.

get my LSA certification (will save me at least $3k because I'm
colorblind and would only be able to fly
during daylight hours even with a GAPP endorsement)
I think you mean "get my Sport Pilot rating", which there's nothing
stopping you, certainly nothing that's been stated in this thread thus
far could stop you.

and have a great airplane that is very economical and fun to fly.
You still can.

So... what's stopping you?

You could never get dual in a Quickie Q1 anyhow.

Even if the Q-1 didn't qualify as an LSA (which I'm arguing that it
could) there are literally hundreds of LSA-qualified experimental
aircraft, most of which are very economical to build/own/fly that you
could even get training in, even further reducing your costs. You can
even fly off the "40" with the proper endorsement.

I just don't understand your disappointment or defeatist attitude.


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