Re: Quickie Q1 registered as an E-LSA?

Mark Keeley <markee1@...>

I think I would pencil whip it if I could and be done with it.. Of course I am a non conformist anyway.. lol


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You stated the following:

I'm not sure but a lot of
definitions use the term, "minimum controllable speed". Can you still
"control" your Q at max pitch-buck? (Make controllable turns and keep a
heading? Maintain a constant airspeed within a reasonable range?) If
so, is that speed below 45 kts? Then placard that as the bottom of the
green arc and consider your plane LSA-qualified.

In your opinion, do you believe that the Q1 if built lightly could
meet this criteria? Or would it require "pencil whipping" the
documentation, being that it is a single seat aircraft it would be
hard to verify by anyone other than yourself.

Matt C

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