Tandem Wing Fly-in Jean Nevada

Mike Perry

Hello All; it's that time of year again. We are planning the Contact Magazine Alternative Engine Round-Up and Tandem Wing Fly-in for this year. Here is what we have so far:

Dates: We currently Plan 27-29 March 09; does anyone have a conflict? (known conflicts: Easter is 12 April; Sun-N-Fun is 22-26 April)

Location: K0L7: Jean Nevada (Free landing, free meeting room, walk to hotel; sailplanes, skydiving and general aviation fun on field).

Schedule: Friday arrivals and informal afternoon, then car-pool to Prim for dinner.
Saturday: Flying around the area, Presentations in the air conditioned meeting room, Bar-B-Que in the evening.
Sunday: Clean-up and departure.

Problems from last year:
1) Some wives object there is nothing to do in Jean. (Your wife doesn't want to spend the day at the airport? Why not?) Pat Panzera found out we can book car rentals thru the casino or thru Enterprise (Enterprise will deliver to Jean). So maybe the ladies would like to tour downtown Las Vegas, visit Boulder Dam or shop.

2) Only two tandem wings came: Paul Spackmans Q-2 from Casper, WY and Richard Terrys Dragonfly from Chino, CA. Those guys were great, but that is a small showing. If we want to have a West Coast Spring fly-in we need some support. I would also like to see someone with a flying airplane run a forum (perhaps 45-60 minutes) and I always like to see "cowlings off" and a walk-around.

I would like to hear about any conflicts; otherwise, I hope many of you can come.

Could someone forward this to the dragonfly list?

Mike Perry

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