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Mike Perry

Thanks Paul:

The shearweb is involved with one of the cuts (the other goes barely into the top surface of the wing). I plan to repair the shearweb the same way I repair the rest of the glass.

I am thinking of glassing the wing to plywood as you describe -- but the Prof wants the students to solve these problems for themselves. (I keep asking questions here so I know what I'm talking about when I meet with the students. Unlikely I'll succeed, but I keep trying)

Mike Perry
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Paul Buckley wrote:

How about those two cuts in the trailing edge?

If they are on the centre section inside the fuselage they will have severed the shearweb.
If outside then the 3.5" cut may have come close.

If the shearweb is intact I would first close out the exposed foam by tying the top and bottom skins together, probably with BID, and then glass both front and rear of the centre section to sturdy plywood to simulate the bulkheads,
The way I see it is that the 45 deg. UNI is there to prevent torsional twisting, although it does contribute a little to spanwise strength.


Paul B.

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The rear edge of the wing has 2 cuts parallel to the fuselage
wall and
about 1 inch in. The longest of these is about 3.5 inches in length.


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