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Is there some kind of run flat stuff we could pump into those tyres?



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Sorry to hear all that, Paul. Glad you're okay. If you remember, Dick
Shapley totaled his Q-200 on the way to Oshkosh. He, too, had a flat tire.
He also hit another parked plane, I think it was a Stinson.

You have had a sudden engine stoppage and most manufacturers recommend a
complete engine tear down. I had a prop strike and the visual damage didn't
seem all that bad. A dial indicator check showed there was some wobble at
the crankshaft flange. After dissasembly, a magnaflux check revealed a
crack right where the crank transitions to the flange.

Here is the link to the Continental service bulletin, regarding sudden
engine stoppage: http://www.tcmlink.
<> com/pdf2/SB96-11B.pdf Remember,
wasn't just the prop and crank (and tailcone) that suffered. All rotating
parts experienced the same thing.

Good luck in your repair.

How did you get away with not having a tail that comes off, anyway?

Sam Hoskins
Murphysboro, IL

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I know that some you have picked up on the FAA report so here is the

Saturday I was out burning some avgas so I could buy the new cheaper
stuff that is around now. A small airport that has cheap fuel
about 100 miles from home was close at hand so down I went. Wind
was 25-30 down the runway and touch down a none event. After about
500 ft the plane started pulling hard to the left, thinking that the
wind had made a big shift to the left I applied right brake to keep
it on the centerline. When that was only partially effective I
added power and then things got really interesting. The plane nosed
up and I watched in disbelief as the runway turned my prop to
splinters. I killed the throttle and quicker than a Quickie wham,
down on the tail with an extra pop. Tailspring gone. And that
quick it was over. The wind was still down the runway!!!! flat tire
on the left had caused all that fun.

Sunday I took a trailer and a jigsaw, cut the tailcone off, loaded
it (the Plane) on a trailer and brought it home. I have been
thinking about cutting the tailcone for easier maintenance so that's
done now and I have been thinking about the West Coast tailwheel mod
so nows the time for that. Parts are ordered and work begins this

I've posted a picture under "On Trailer"


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