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Allan Farr

Think my previous "send" didn't work. Apologies if this comes through twice.

Call me cautious, but you won't catch me up at night in a small a/c, especially a single-engined homebuilt. Have a look at

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The main problem with night flying a single is where to put it down if the fan stops, and especially so with a high performance Quickie.
Trees, fences, poles, barns etc are simply invisible.

And it is asking for trouble on a marginally lit runway.
The only height judgement available would be by the runway edge lights, and that takes practice.
And there will be limited peripheral clues.

You could fit a radar altimeter, of course .........................


Paul B.

Cheshire, England.
TriQ-200.........Yeah, I know! ...still building :-(

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Hey Guys,
I'd love to hear from anyone operating a tail dragger Q or D-Fly at
night... Anybody? I know Sam took off and landed at night on his great
cross country trek but anybody else? The tail dragger might be a
handful on a dark runway. One day Sebring FL had just paved their
runway with the darkest black pavement and I had a heck of a time
judging my height in the daytime!

So Night operators would you...
1) Only operate at dusk?
2) Consider it an emergency landing?
3) Consider a well lit airport.

Fly Safe!
Mike Q200 N3QP


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