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Can someone respond to this guy's question?


I don't know the exact numbers.
The plans say nothing about washout degrees. However, if you hot wire
to plans, you WILL have the desired plan washout. For a person using
a CNC device, the twist can be calculated simply by using the length
of the segment and the amount of drop going from the inside to the
outside front. Use a protractor placed at the projected tip defined
by an in place control trailing edge.

Actually, it mystifies why the plane has washout. The purpose of
washout is to insure that the ailerons (area of) are stalled last.
With washout the wing stalls inboard. On the Q, the
ailerons/elevators are near the root. I think that it works because
the surfaces cover so much of the span. Of course, the span of the
controls needs to be great because they are inboard and have a small
moment arm of action. If the controls were placed out at the tips,
they could be smaller but more complex in manufacture.

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