Re: Elevator midspan support redesign -- comments welcome


Far be it from me to discourage innovation (heh, heh, heh), but only to
build yet another more complicated mousetrap. Certainly you should build and test
any redesign yourself if you are a straight shooter. Problematical is the
fact that you shouldn't claim success unless you are 400-500 flying hours down
the road... and that will be many years from now. I remember a Thorp with a
slight wing mod which folded up and crashed during Oshkosh killing the builder
pilot and a 13 year old passenger. The aircraft had some 1000 hrs on it. We
already have more than a half dozen Q's with more than 1,000 hrs. on the
original setup without a fatality. It's likely you won't do better... BUT... it's
all about education and recreation, aint it? (Just so you don't lead
sumbuddy else down the garden path with you before 500 hrs.)


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