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we had at least one

The use of words fascinates me. "At least one," leaves at least a suggestion
in the mind that there may be "at least" a few more. Thanks for the info
about the one and I will acquaint myself with it. As I have said before, this is
ONE data point. Be wary of making grand conclusions. (This is the job of our
However, as a perpetual pragmatist it is my opinion that on our planes with
a failure nobody can know precisely how well an individual followed the plans.
How accurately were epoxy components mixed, how well stirred, how completely
wet out or potted without voids, how clean was the glass cloth etc. etc.
Fortunately our materials seem to tolerate a fairly sizable window of builder
"slop" for want of a better term. And if you get around much you will find that
there is a pretty wide variance in builder skill, technique and carefulness.
It can make me shudder. I just want everyone to bear these things in mind as
they contemplate mods, analyze accidents or redesign features.
I consider it most valuable to have a continually flying prototype around
as, theoretically, this thing will have the most hours and experience any
failures first. We don't have that and so I am always highly appreciative of our
thousand hour guys who are leading the way for the rest of us. And it's our
great fortunate that most of our guys keep continually in touch with us.

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