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Allan Farr

Hi. I've posted a couple of pics entitled "Allan's canard..............." in the Miscellaneous folder. I'm hoping the different sounds may be caused by the "stiffener" that the GU has. I want to find out how far from the trailing edge (shear web) it's located.

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First let me make sure I understand correctly. You have a GU canard you are concerned about, correct? Bruce said something about a carbon spar.

I have both GU and LS1 canard fuselages here, if you post pictures of the areas of concern I can let you know what these canards sound like. I agree that further investigationsuch as drilling holes is an excellent idea unless you can get someone with composite testing experience to test it.

Deems Herring

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Hi. Thanks for all the advice & comments. The paint looks ok but there may
be a few pinholes. The different sound seems to come from a uniform sized
area (a 2" strip right across the top rear of the canard centre section) so
I am hoping it's ok afterall. There is one small spot which is definitely
delaminated, it sounds hollow but the rest may be just different
construction. I am going to check further (including the plans) and possibly
drill one or two small holes, and post some pics. Thanks again, will get
back asap.
P.S. This beauty sold today for just under $27k (NZD) I was so tempted -

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> Sam has it right Alan. Tapping on a section that is adhered to foam will
> sound different than taping where flox is underneath the fibers. The
> carbon fiber spar is covered in flox to make the bond with the foam and


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