Flight report

Kevin Boddicker

Well. It would appear the Miss Determination and I have an
anniversary coming up soon.
But because the weather forecast for the coming week goes from Mostly
Shitty, to Partly Shitty, followed by Snow Shitty, with some Frigid
Shitty thrown in for good measure, I decided to have our anniversary
flight five days early.
So to the airport I went. Yesterday. On the way a perfect day turned
into, you guessed it. Scud Shitty. However after about two hours it
cleared out and we took to the air. It was 48°F with light winds. So
I decided not preheat her. Did my preflight, jumped in, she rebelled,
and would not start. After some coaxing she relented and fired.
Just flew around the area for about an hour and enjoyed the pleasure
of flying. The air was a slight bit rough, but nothing I haven't
flown in before. Visibility was limited because of haze, BUT it was
So, for those of you still building, the FLYING anniversaries are
much more fun than the "Oh My Gosh" its been another year anniversaries!
Get to it!

Also a reminder that the Spring Fling is fast approaching. Get your
reservations made, circle the calendar, write it backwards on your
forehead for mirror viewing, and get here!!!
See you all then.

BTW March 10th 2006 was my first flight.

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200 N7868B 120.6 hours
Luana, IA.

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