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I spoke with Marvin last night, and as Kevin and Sam both said, he's a really nice guy. He reiterated to me that he didn't just want the paper items to be thrown out, and wanted them to go to people who could use them. (I assume Kevin will figure out a good way to distribute the items when he picks them up.)

He also told me some stories about his attempts at friendship with Gene Sheehan, and gave me several pointers about how to fly my Q when I finally get it out to the airport. I'm sure Sam can hear Marvin ringing in his ears every time he lands, "Keep it on the centerline!"

On January 23, 1981, he went out to Mojave to visit QAC to see what the "Quickies" were all about. Out of the 25 people that wanted a ride that day, his name was pulled out of a hat. He was hooked on the design after that.

He built a kit in 15 months, and became a QAC dealer shortly after that. (Eventually selling 45 kits.) He traveled out to help his builders all over his sales region and was seemingly an invaluable resource to them. Sounds like Sam can attest to this.

Dan Yager

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I talked with Marv last week. He is going to give me all paper
materials. I will get up there to get them soon. If he has not sold
the other items by that time I may just buy the whole lot from him.
Nice fellow. He is concerned that when he dies that his family will
just throw the paper items away.
Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200 N7868B 120.6 hours
Luana, IA.

On Mar 9, 2009, at 5:43 PM, Sam Hoskins wrote:

Marv Getten is an old friend of mine and was invaluable when I
completed my
plane, in his hangar.

Sam Hoskins

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