Tri Q Airframe For Sale $2,500

Mark Alexander <6oclockhigh@...>

Tri Q Airframe for sale, my Hangar is on a 3800 foot turf strip, so I need
something that I can fly on turf. Pictures available upon request.

Bill Of Sale
Tri Q/Q200 Airframe:

The airframe is an experimental/homebuilt aircraft project. The airframe is
in a non- flyable condition and has not been inspected or registered by the
FAA. No warranty is implied on the airframe workmanship or materials; as is

The Tri Q/Q200 airframe will be sold as follows:

Fuselage, LS1 canard, main wing, empennage (tail boom), ailerons and welded
linkages, elevators and welded linkages, rudder and cables, rudder pedals,
reflexor, Belly Board, Canopy/forward hinge /frame, header fuel tank and *
main fuel tank installed

Airframe is installed on Landing Gear; main landing gear, standard nose
landing gear, tires/wheels (nose/main), MATCO brakes and master cylinders,
Wheel pants (Nose/Main landing gear), landing gear fairings

Accessories; Q-2/Q200plans, Archer antenna’s (Communication and
Transponder), ELT and antenna, four engine mounts (Q200), standard engine

*Main fuel tank seeps fuel

Sell Price: $2,500

Mark Alexander

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