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Kevin Boddicker

Hope we see you there, and that you are feeling better.

On Apr 8, 2009, at 7:48 AM, swensgoldflyer wrote:


Sorry I've been out of touch. I had an accident at work and have
been recuperating. (A nasty fall down a roof access ladder) I may
need to have shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff, not for sure
but won't know until next week. I most certainly will try to make
it. I have been plugging along on the TriQ-Vair. Seems like a new
engine installation has an unlimited number of little details. I
have been working on the wiring diagram and engine sensor probes.
Most recently I fabricated and installed a bracket to hold the
magnetic sensor for the tach. I have a rear starter so there isn't
many options. I finally designed a bracket that replaces the
distributor hold down and holds the sensor over the flywheel.


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Just a short month away from the Spring Fling in DEH!
The Heartland Inn will hold rooms till 4/15. After that we loose our
block! We also have a "day of " cancelation policy. No harm to
book a
room and cancel if needed. Make reservations now.
We will have the event rain or shine. If you are driving we will
at least one plane there, mine. It's no prize winner but it is
This event is for builders more so than flyers. Even though
flying is
more fun. So we need to see builders!!! Jon Swenson.
Also the flight instructor on the field said he would be happy to do
BFR's. Lynn French.
SO all we need are participants. Please let me know if you plane to
Looking forward to seeing all of you!

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200 N7868B 125.3 hours
Luana, IA.

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