Re: Tri-Gear nose gear purchase

Michael Quinn

An update from Velocity about making these nosegear (two people asked about upgrading just the strut and using their old fork):
Mike, Apologies - I didnít realize that there was a fork difference. I just spoke with Scott and he told me that itís necessary to have a fork along with the strut. The old forks will not work with these struts. The price of $600 that I quoted was for strut only Ė but I donít think a firm quote is the best way to do it. The reason I quoted $600 was to make sure that Velocity doesnít lose money on the deal, since we donít know how much the strut will cost at this point. In all likelihood, the strut will only be slightly more expensive than our own nose gear strut Ė which is $414. I would expect for the Tri-Q strut to be in the neighborhood of $500. Instead of quoting a firm price, I would prefer for you to tell any interested parties that weíll make the strut for a down payment of $300, and the remainder to be paid prior to delivery. That way we can figure the exact price before delivery, and I donít have to give an inflated price at the onset to make sure we donít lose money on the deal. The fork assembly is the same as the one we use for the Velocity SEFG Ė price is $314. So the total for strut and fork assembly would be in the neighborhood of $814. Best Regards, -Ken Bakerkenb@...
I would like to compose a list of people that are still interested in this order and target the "cut off" time the week after Sun-n-Fun - April 30 (unless someone has a better date).
Please either reply to this - or e-mail me directly (even if you had done in the past, I am wiping the slate clean). I will post a list people that commit on each Friday of the week.
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Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 00:09:05 -0400
Subject: RE: [Q-LIST] Tri-Gear nose gear purchase

I will take the responsiblity, as I started this post. Please let me know who is definatly serious about this and I will managed the one point of contact with Velocity. I will ask how many is enough for a run in production and let everyone know what I find out. Any other suggestions (as you have done this successfully in the past)?



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