Nothing going on with N32LL.

vt325xi <rlabarre@...>

Seems like nothing is going on. I know I'm working on my plane that's for sure. How about the rest of you?

This past weekend I completely disassembled the Revmaster engine and will be sending it back to California for machining the cases to allow a 94 mm cylinder to fit. The crankshaft will also be sent back to replace the bearings on the mains as well as new prop seal installed.

Meanwhile all my new engine parts are here ready to reassemble the engine. The carbon fiber work on the canard and the landing lights are installed on the two wheel pants.

The new panel is almost done and ready to be mounted once we flip the plane back on the landing gear.

My Cessna 140 is completed it's annual inspection to include transponder check.

Next weekend I've got my Army National Guard drill where we are prepping for deployment to Afghanistan so I've got to get this plane flying before my next deployment next year until from 2010-2011.


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