New to the goup with questions


Hi everyone, my name is Jeff and I am new to the group. I bought 72PJ from Steve Ham about 10 months ago, and still don't have her back to flying order yet. I am very close. Acutally, I had her at the airport ready to go when I discovered a fuel leak. I thought it was the fitting on the hose coming out of the main tank. Not so lucky. The tank is actually leaking out of the front (not such a big fix I think) but its also leaking out of the wall way above where I think the tank should even be at. I guess i was wandering if you have heard of this and what I should do to fix it. Do you think I should have structural concerns? I know its not the header tank because I have had it full multiple times for engine runs. I also found some gunk that looked like carmel in the main tanks when I was draining them. I think its just varnish from old gas, but if there is some sort of sealer I don't konw about that would be handy info also. Thanks again and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Jeff Dickman


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