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Hi Jeff,

Welcome aboard!

Triple check EVERYTHING on that plane - I know Steve Ham!! ;-) (kidding, of course)

Fuel leaks are a real bugger - not complicated but messy and time consuming.

First off - NEVER put Ethanol in your tanks. I understand that there are some resins that don't mind the stuff but my Q2 (old) REALLY hates it.

When a header tank leaks, it often leaks INTO the fuselage inner skin (into the foam) and then runs downhill. This is REALLY bad as it can then get into the canard and destroy it.

Many of Q's did not have the inner fuselage skin prepared correctly before the tanks were installed. The "proper" preparation was to roughen up the area and apply a layer or two of very wet glass to thoroughly seal the skin.

I'd suggest that your first task is take some photos and post them so we can take a look. From your text, I don't completely understand where the leak is. However; if above the level of fuel in the main tank, I'd say it is the header that is leaking.

Guessing here but I'd bet the "carmel" is flox that has chipped off. This may not be a problem due to the way the tank are installed (gobs of flox around the perimeter and then the tank is mashed into place). On the other hand, it may not be good.

Jon Finley


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Hi everyone, my name is Jeff and I am new to the group. I bought 72PJ from Steve Ham about 10 months ago, and still don't have her back to flying order yet. I am very close. Acutally, I had her at the airport ready to go when I discovered a fuel leak. I thought it was the fitting on the hose coming out of the main tank. Not so lucky. The tank is actually leaking out of the front (not such a big fix I think) but its also leaking out of the wall way above where I think the tank should even be at. I guess i was wandering if you have heard of this and what I should do to fix it. Do you think I should have structural concerns? I know its not the header tank because I have had it full multiple times for engine runs. I also found some gunk that looked like carmel in the main tanks when I was draining them. I think its just varnish from old gas, but if there is some sort of sealer I don't konw about that would be handy info also. Thanks again and I would love to hear your

Jeff Dickman



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