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White is the best color for heat dissapation, but people have definitely painted their airplanes different colors. The Q1 and Q2 plans talk about this here:

and here:

I think there is kind of a joke that goes around the composite builder communities that you have three choices for paint color. . . white, white, or white. However, ultimately the choice is the builders. Just realize that it is a safety concern, so don't be too flippant about the decision.

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I've heard you shouldn't paint your wings anything but white, does
anyone have an objective reference for this? I see a lot of white
planes, but I see also a Lancair factory demonstrator that was lipstick
red and was foam and glass construction. My plane will be hangared and
in a cool climate 95% of the time. How can you tell if a wing has
received sun-related structural damage?


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