Re: Continental Engine tool

Jim Patillo


Have you considered using REALGASKET's new and improved pushrod tubes and seals.

I've had them installed for some time now and like the results. Also easy to replace seals (never done it yet) unlike the stock ones. This would be an good opportunity with the engine going back together.

Jim P.

--- In Q-LIST@..., Mike Dwyer <mdwyer@...> wrote:

Hey Guys,
Does anyone have a Push rod tube expander for our little 0-200A.
A picture of one is here

Also looking for 3 push rods that are +0.030 longer than standard, in
case you got a few in your junk box!

I'd like to borrow it for a day and so far haven't found one around here.

My engine now has all 4 cylinders on. Now I know why they charge so
darn much for these engines!

Mike N3QP in FL

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