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I'm using EZ-Poxy, is it as simple as calculating the average cure temp for this type of expoxy and not exceeding that? If the wing raises above the critical temp and then cools, will I have any structural weakness, or is it because the structure deforms and is no longer aerodynamic? I plan on using a wing cover with white fabric when parked on a hot ramp.

On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 18:26 -0500, bob wrote:
The answer is not the foam and glass but the resin system used.
Epoxy resin hardens at the highest temperature it has ever seen
and if it goes beyond that temperature it goes back into a plastic
state. Once cooled below that it now has that higher 'set' temp.
If your canard sees it's highest temperature on the ramp you could
well end up with something from wrinkled top skin to a gull wing.
I believe many Q fliers also support the fuselage while hangered
to take long term weight off of the canard and eliminate the
possibility of canard sag/gear geometry change.

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