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Kip, your just not showing up at the flyins. Thomassville GA, last year. Very short trip for you. Check out the videos.
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kip laurie wrote:

Good luck, Mark. I have lived in the USA my entire life, like to hang out at airports, fly to small and large airports for a living and I have never seen a Q1 fly. In fact I have seen more in museums than airworthy ones. Maybe it's just my luck...

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Hi Guys,
since starting my Q1 project I have only seen one completed Q1, flying. There are not many Q1s in Australia

Late july I am visiting USA to see family living in Idaho Falls Idaho. .Is there anyone who lives near there who has a Q1 that would be interested in showing me theirs ,so I can get some more ideas for mine.

Mark Wilson
Q1 project

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