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Mike Perry

Bluntly, you need to learn a lot more about this process before you continue posting. The moldless composite construction method developed by Rutan has limitations and one is color. Paint it white or a very light color.

A dark painted wing placed in the sun will change shape; that is a known method of changing a warped surface.

Mike Perry

uncleducati wrote:

What is the structural difference between our wings and the factory Lancair, which is red? The way I understand it they would both experience roughly the same structural forces, possibly higher on the Lancair due to the increased weight and speed. I looked at the temperature graph in the Q2 manual, and if it's close to linear, the ambient temperature where peak surface temperature would possibly begin to deform the wing with red paint would be ~130 degrees F with still air and direct sunlight with no cover, are my calculations correct?

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The objective reference is Burt Rutan.

"How can you tell if a wing has received sun-related structural damage?"
Good question - you can't, at least until it's too late.

Stick with the plan, man.

Sam Hoskins

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