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Larry Severson

Bluntly, you need to learn a lot more about this process before you
continue posting.
This is true, but not the whole story. Every epoxy has a different Tg (breakdown temperature). The cure temp does not dictate the final Tg, in fact, it increases over time (about 2 weeks) to about 20 degrees higher. One of the things recommended is to post cure the item after several days at a higher temp. In the case of Aeropoxy, with proper post curing, the Tg goes up to 210 degrees F, which happens to be above the safe level for the foam. To achieve the 210 degree Tg, it is necessary to raise the temp of the part above 160 degrees for several hours.

Even if you don't post cure, the Tg will increase over time as it is exposed to summer temps. Unfortunately, if the skin temp exceeds the current Tg, damage (big) can occur unless the part is fully supported in the proper shape. [The fully supported feature is what allows the use of temperature to reform a distorted part to its proper shape.] This is highly possible in the Southwest US. Thus, the call for white or another light color, such as yellow or cream, is indicated.

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