Removing paint

Larry Severson

After years of hearing that the only way to remove paint from a composite plane is to sand it off, I went to a friend with 48 years in the fiberglass industry. (He supplied the materials that went into Rutan's Voyager.) His response was hogwash. Once epoxy was cross linked, nothing would attack it. So I took a painted piece of skin and painted on a stripper (it warned about possible softening of fiber glass). The paint bubbled and stripped off. leaving the epoxy skin undamaged. My friend said that the warning about softening was for polyester impregnated fiberglass, not epoxy.

The above also explains why a piece of epoxy glass that sat in 97% pure alcohol for 6 months came out unchanged. This should say something about a properly built Q2 header tank's ability to accept auto gas safely. (Of course, it says nothing about external things, like the tubing carrying the fuel to the engine, or ethanol's propensity to absorb water from the air.)

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