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Hi John,

Good to hear from you. When i bought my Q-2, it was already painted,
but had really lost its appeal... the shine was pretty much gone, and
was somewhat discolored. It has been a while, but i remember that what
i did was to completely sand off the old paint down to the original
primer, left that on, and we were good to go with the new paint. We
prepped that surface with a PPG degreaser, completely wiped the
airplane surfaces down with that, and then applied the new paint. I
don't recall putting on new primer, but i'll check with Todd tomorrow
to make sure, it's just been so long that my feeble memory doesn't seem
to be able to recall what we did about primer, and he's younger than i
am, so his memory is probably better than mine at this point .... :-)
What i do know is that my plane didn't gain much weight at all with the
new paint job, and using PPG was relatively inexpensive. Plus, it does
look good. I have since discovered that some RV builders are also
using PPG's Concept line.

All the best!


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Hello Alan;

What did you use under (surface prep) the PPG?

thanks, -john-


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Hi Cameron,

About 4 years already (i can't believe it!) i used PPG's Concept CLV, a

single-stage acrylic urethane paint that is applied in one application.

Just one application serves as the base AND finish, and the clear

components migrate to the surface as the paint begins to cure. I used

the whitest white that they make, Crystal white, and absolutely love

the way it came out. Really nice shiny luster, and a very durable

paint. One extra advantage is the weight-saving factor, since you

don't apply a base coat and then a clear coat, so you have an

important advantage right there.

I have a friend who owns an autobody shop, who has eventually wound up

painting about 5 or 6 airplanes in our EAA chapter, and this particular

PPG series has worked out well for his auto business too. He let me

actually do some of the spraying myself in his paint booth, and instead

of cars in there, it was really fun seeing pieces of a Q-2 being

painted. I have to admit that runs were really not a problem, and only

minimal sanding out afterward was needed, leaving the shiny finish

intact. I am very pleased with this paint and the way it looks, and

again, less of t
he paint is needed, being a single-stage system, so you

don't gain as much weight.


Q-2 Jabiru, and Q-1

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Are there any paint brands/types to stay away from, or can you go with

whatever the fiberglass body shop pro guys says will work for

traditional fiberglass? I've decided on a very light grey, presumably

that won't be flamebait for this list, you all recommended either white

or something very light, I'm planning on using similar light grey to

what what Catto uses for his props, with red accents on non-structural

things like wheel pants, spinner, cowl, etc.




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