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Jim Patillo


After thinking about it.............. I didn't mention Dave Dugas in that comment. He has the other nicest Revemaster Q I've ever seen. Excuse me Mr. Dave, I'm getting senile in my old age.

Rene, What date is Arlington this year? I may try to attend if I can get across the border. How are accomodations there?

Jim Patillo

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Thanks Jim,
Yes, it was an emotionally difficult decision to sell our Q2.  We owned it for 11 years and I had put about 1000 hours on BWV with many good trips including a couple into California.  LVK where Melinda and I met you great folks.  BWV was light and had a really nice flying attitude.  The new owner will have a great little Q2 once he gets going with it.
I kept my Revmaster and it is in the our new TriQ2.  I trust that engine anywhere and know it very well having rebuilt it with better than stock components.  The TriQ2 has the LS1 canard and seems to have more elevator authority than the GU had.  On the runway it is totally different and very few rudder inputs are required.  Speedwise, I'd say they are within 5 MPH from each other.  I'm still able to hit 190-195 MPH with the TriQ2 on a low and over where as with the same engine and prop on the Q2 I was able to hit 200 MPH diving into it.  In the air I don't notice any difference. 
Dr. Steve has been busy flying his repaired Q2 C-GMBK for about a year and now that he is retired, he's pounding on the hours.  He's put his Revmaster back on after the repairs and is flying with it.
So we still have 3 flying Q's in Abbotsford.

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Congratulations Rene,

It must of been difficult selling your plane, it was the nicest Revemaster version I ever saw. You built it didn't you? Looks like you've got another winner in the TriQ. What engine does it have and hjow do you compare the TriQ and tail dragger now that you have owned both?

Also, did Dr. Steve ever get another Q?

Jim Patillo

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Hi All,
This spring I sold my Q2 C-FBWV to a very nice fellow in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and bought my friend Brad's plans built TriQ2 C-GCTA.  As most of you know Brad did an awesome job building this airplane and the workmanship is flawless.  After an engine change I started flying TCA two weekends ago.  I have about 6 hours on her now and she flies wonderfully and tracks straight down the runway.  I'm very happy with the new TriQ2 and promissed Brad that I will take good care of her.  For pics of my new bird see:
http://s196. photobucket. com/albums/ aa266/q2robertso n/?action= view&current= NewStripe009. jpg
http://s196. photobucket. com/albums/ aa266/q2robertso n/?action= view&current= NewStripe012. jpg

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