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Tom Jewett died during testing of "Free Enterprise" an airplane that was designed by QAC to fly arround the world unrefueled. After Tom's death Gene Sheehan seemed to lack the bedside manner needed to run a company, especially one that required constant user support.

I spoke with Gene on the phone recently, and he was grumpy as ever and unwilling to talk about QAC or the Quickie designs.

There is a little bit of info posted about this in their 17th newsletter:

But the crash was unrealated to any of the Quickie designs. Ultimately, Dick Rutan and Jeana Yager completed the first round the world unrefueled flight in Voyager.

Hope this helps. Please let me know.

Dan Yager
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I just picked up a Q1 with the Onan engine. The plane hasn't flown for
about 10 years so I plan to restore it to flying condition and possibly install
a 1/2 VW 45 hp by Casler that weights about the same as the Onan.

You made this statement in a past post: "After Tom Jewett died I lost
interest in anything Gene Shehan had to say and discontinued my Q subscription."

Would you mind expanding on the statement..I'm not aware how Jewett
died..was it in a Q1 and is there concern about the Q1 that I should be aware of?


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After Tom Jewett died I lost interest in anything Gene Shehan had to say
and discontinued my Q subscription.

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