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Hi Lonnie,

Yes, 1835cc, four-cylinder VW in a Q1. There have been at least four of us that have flown with this engine (though different displacements). Two back east long ago and Tom Solan (up in ID now) more recently (Tom's was a 1600cc 4-cyl). The trick is to keep it as light as possible and as far aft as possible (I moved my firewall aft two inches - or was it four inches.... I don't recall now).

Several folks have proven over the years that the Onan works. However; IMO, you gotta be light and fly at lower altitudes. I'm not known for being a lightweight and, at the time, was flying out of a 4,000' MSL airport in Montana.

Several people installed the Global 1/2 VW engine years ago (Jim Masal being one). I don't want to speak for anyone (especially Jimmy!!!! ;-) ) but I recall from the newsletters and previous discussions that performance was not as expected. Seems like they were getting about 200 fpm better climb than the Onan but about the same speed. Someone correct me if that is wrong. Based on this, I never felt that the 1/2 VW was a good option.


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Thanks to Jon and the other responses to my questions.

Jon did you install the 1835 VW in the Q1? I was considering the 45 hp
1/2 VW for higher top speeds but if the performance was adequate with the
18-22 hp Onan then perhaps I will just fly the Onan for a while.

Always open for suggestions from those that flew the Q1.

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