Re: The Old Gray Editors Quickie


To answer Patillo's post, my engineless Quickie has been residing in my
hangar for many years now. It is on the FAA register as N44QC (at the time I
was flying King Airs and was irregularly ticked off at some controllers so
my N# would allow me to report: "Roger, fork you, Charlie." (You old guys
know how I am, Yes?). My bod is a load but the plane was light. I topped out
at 117 mph but only 200 fpm climb. I didn't like the battery dependent
ignition so I parked it after test.

Now the rest of the story is that Crouch helped me acquire a new Rotax 503
some years ago but I moved on to sumpin' else in life and haven't gotten
one of those Round TUIT's yet. And the plane is still under cover and
sneering at me when I work around it. Lucky for me it caint spit!

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