Re: Level attitude

Mike Perry


Hopefully Jimmy will speak up here (he occasionally has an opinion to share) but I thought the problem with the Global 1/2 VW was the company more than the engine. The few engines they produced actually flew OK. (Jimmy, please hurry, otherwise I've got to dig in the old newsletters again when I could be sanding!)

The Hummel Bird climbs about 600 fpm with a gross at 525 and a 37 hp 1/2 VW. Might be a good match for the Quickie. (Sport Pilot, March 09)

Mike Perry

jon@... wrote:


Several people installed the Global 1/2 VW engine years ago (Jim Masal being one). I don't want to speak for anyone (especially Jimmy!!!! ;-) ) but I recall from the newsletters and previous discussions that performance was not as expected. Seems like they were getting about 200 fpm better climb than the Onan but about the same speed. Someone correct me if that is wrong. Based on this, I never felt that the 1/2 VW was a good option.



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