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Mr. Masal,

Thank you, what performance had you experienced with the Onan 18 or 22 hp?
And did the rain also cause the Anus Stretch issue? Do you feel the VG's
were beneficial?

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I wrote about flight testing the Global 1/2 VW in a Q-Talk of the time, but

basicaly I was testing it for the builder. I got a good 120-125 mph out of
it (expected more) and a more comfy climb (prolly a coupla hunnert fpm as
Jon sez). I happened to fly it thru moderate rain without VG's and it lost
about 10mph but kept on truckin'. I felt it was a suitable powerplant.

As a "full-figured" man I test flew my Onan Quickie in 90+ Texas temps and
I DO still have some stretch marks around my anus but it was a lot of fun
however not as much as a man the size of Terry Crouch would have!


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