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Larry Severson

The Excel file that I sent you was for the GU canard. Hopefully, the new one reflects the differences for the LS1. No one but you got my messages because I have stopped responding to the list as a whole. I have had messages stopped that were accurate. Unfortunately, the list administers aren't interested in the simple act of a "google" check, especially if it goes against their firmly held prejudices.

A basic truth:
The solution to a problem simply works, BUT the correct solution works simply.

If adding the pilot creates a W&B error, either the pilot position arm or the arms of the reading points are wrong. Such a check SHOULD result in exactly the same CG as the Excel file predicts.

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Thank you very much. This sounds like a really good approach. I admit that my measurement of occupants arm was a guess. I have never read anything describing this method. It is not mentioned in AC91-23A, Pilot's Weight And Balance Handbook. The Q2 POH does not describe it except for the statement, "To be ablolutely accurate, it would be a good idea to do another weight and balance with the pilot in the aircraft since pilot location in the cockpit will effect his moment and aircraft c.g. location." (p. 9-5). Even this statement does not say how to calculate the arm. Anyway, I am on it!!!

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