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Hi Rene,

Yes, i too echo Sam's thoughts, and it is indeed sad to see the
freedoms we enjoy here being eroded away, bit by continual bit.... it's
like the water that is heated gradually over time, and with time,
pretty soon, the poor frog is cooked, without knowing enough to jump
out.. I'm also sending a letter to my congressman, i don't want to be
knowingly cooked too!
I understand your apprehensions about even planning a trip down here
under such circumstances, but if it should work out, we would truly
enjoy seeing you. From the picture in Q-Talk recently, your new plane
looks really, really nice. The flip side is that if i ever finally
wanna get up to Abbotsford and see you guys there, i'm going to have to
jump through similar hoops... what do they do for airline passengers
coming in for a weekend, i wonder?
Hang in there, and just keep us posted, i would like very much to
follow this saga....
All the best,

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Thanks Rene, I will write my congressman and include a copy of your message.

It is really sad that every time our laws are broken we all give up
more of

our freedom. We do hope you are able to work through the system and
make it

to L

Best Regards,



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Alan and Sam,

Thanks for the invite. I for one would love to come again this year.

one thing that is becoming more difficult for us from up north is your

Homeland Security. Pehaps this can be brought up to your

Customs and Border protection now wants us to register with eApis

(electronic advance passenger information system). Once registered (can

take up to 1 month) we have to electronically submit a manifest with our

intentions when entering and leaving the US. We have to get an email

approval that we are allowed to go before leaving. This together with

the other hurdels (Customs notifications, decals and forms) we have to

through makes it tough to go. Talking to local guys here, there were

70 airplanes that were intending to go to Arlington, WA this weekend and

because of this system there isn't a single one that is going now! I'm

still going to try and will let you know how I make out (I may or may

be the only Canadian there).

Americans a
lso have to go through this if travelling to Canada. I'm not

anticipating any US fly-in visitors to our Abbotsford International

The next topic that is on the table is radiation scanning for all GA

aircraft before entering the US. This means we would have to fly into

International airport with Radiation scanning equipment before we can

the US. Needles to say, no one would go south if this was to be

Melinda and I have always loved flying down south. Everyone has been

terrific to us whenever we travel in the US. We would hate to loose

freedom to travel south.

Cheers and keep up the good work.



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Hello Fellow Builder/Pilots,

Our Livermore Fly-in is just 6 weeks away, and your two co-hosts are

putting the finishing touches on the event. Be sure to let Sam know

your plans to attend, so we can get an accurate number for our

Saturday evening chicken barbecue, which you will not want to miss!

Even if you will be driving in, we'd very much enjoy having you spend

the time with us. Which reminds me, for those of you flying in, we

haven't had confirmation of any Tri-Q's attending yet, which leads me

to think of our flying buddies to the North, Rene, we need your new

Tri-Q! And Dr. Steve and Brad B., are we going to see you all down here

too? Let's see all those nice planes from Abbotsford!

Some great news, i guess my magnetic personality has worked its charm

once again, lol, as i was able to negotiate a great hotel deal for

those who will be needing accommodations while attending the fly-in.

We now have a "Fly-in" Special of $66 per night at the Extended Stay

America hotel, in Livermore, an easy walk from the airport, south of

the freeway. You can call direct to make your reservations and hold

your room with a credit card at 925-373-1700. When you call, mention

the "Fly-in Special" and if the receptionist can't seem to find that,

ask to speak with "Orlando", one of the managers there, who helped

negotiate the special rate. Several of you have stayed at the Extended

Stay before, and rooms come complete with a fridge, and a small stove,

as well as Wi-fi connections. You should be very comfortable there,
and although breakfast is not included in the price, there are several

restaurants just a stone's throw from the airport, including a Carl's

Junior and a Starbucks for those who need your morning caffeine.

Six weeks away, and counting! We hope to see many of you there; be

sure to let Sam Kittle know how many in your party will be attending,

at: skittle@caltel. com

Also, be sure to visit the Fly-in's new website at:

www.trinitylyricope .flyin You will find arrival

information, and all you'll need to attend. The Fly-in is free, but

donations to help offset expenses will be gratefully received.... many

thanks! See you all soon!

All the best,

Alan and Sam


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