Livermore Fly-in here soon!


Dear Fellow Dragonfly Builders and Flyers,

Two weeks and counting, for the annual Livermore Tandem Wing Fly-in, and your two co-hosts are counting on a great turnout of airplanes and pilots... and those who just have to have one of these great flying machines. In previous years, all types of tandem-wingers have been well represented, but this year so far, we don't know of any Tri-'Q's that are planning on attending, so here's a hearty invitation to all Tri-Q owners to plan on a trip to LVK Aug. 21-23. The extra bonus for you being that Gary Hertzler, internationally-recognized expert on drag reduction, is expected to go over a sample Tri-Q to identify areas that contribute most to drag, and will suggest ways to make improvements, thereby giving us more efficiency, and more speed. He is also bringing along a Powerpoint presentation on drag in general, based on his forum at Oshkosh, but tailored to our specific kind of aircraft. So all you Tri-Q flyers, let's see you in 2 weeks! The one flying in from the farthest distance will be the one to get a good look-over from Gary, as a sample of type! And of course, the invitation is also extended to all Q's and Dragonflies as well! Even other canard types too, so don't be shy!

Check the Fly-in website for arrival information, and be sure to make your reservations at the Extended Stay America to get the Fly-in discount of $66 per night. The website is:
If you are planning on attending the Fly-in, please let Sam Kittle know, at: We would like to make sure we will have an accurate head count for the Saturday evening barbecue, which is becoming world-famous!

We hope to see many of you in two weeks! It will be here in no time at all.

Best regards,

Alan Thayer and Sam Kittle, Co-hosts

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