Livermore Fly-in is here!


Hello All Tandem-Wingers,

It's here! The Eighth Annual Livermore Tandem-Wing Fly-in, all set to kick off this coming Friday afternoon! Your two co-hosts have spent the past several months planning on a terrific fly-in for all Q types, Dragonflies and other canard aircraft, but it is those of you attending that will make all the planning worthwhile. It's the camaraderie, and the exchange of info that make these times so invaluable to builders and pilots, those interested in learning more about our kind of aircraft, and even to those already flying. Something can be learned by everybody while attending one of these events, and if you are on the West Coast (or even points east!) consider this as a golden opportunity to see these planes up close and to ask the questions you've always wanted to ask. We already have pilots planning to attend from Casper (Wyoming), Ogden (Utah), Prescott (Arizona), Southern California, and other points.

NEWS FLASH: I have just spoken with LVK Airport Manager, Leander Hauri, and he is graciously extending a waiver of overnight tie-down fees to pilots of all aircraft flying in to the event. Our planes are therefore free to park overnight on the ramp in the transient parking area in front of the Terminal building, or may also park on the gravel strip on the most westerly side of the hangers on the south side. Bring your own chocks and tie-down lines for the gravel area. We hope that if tie-down fees were holding you back from attending, that last hurdle is now clear!! :-)

This year, another terrific reason to attend is that Gary Hertzler will spend several hours talking to us about how we can go about reducing drag on our airplanes. With time, we have just about figured out most everything possible to make our planes handle well on the ground and in the air, but the final frontier remains that elusive "need for speed" and how we can make our planes even more efficient than ever by identifying draggy areas, and knowing what we can do about them. Gary is an internationally-recognized expert on drag reduction and will be available all weekend long to answer questions, and to be a great encouragement to us all.

Be sure to arrive in time for our no-host kick-off dinner at Beebs, the sports bar just off the field. And if you haven't already done so, be sure to arrange for your stay at the Extended Stay America Hotel, for a bargain discount rate of $66 per night. Ask for the Fly-in discount, when you call: 925-373-1700.

Check out the official Fly-in Website for more information:

Please let Sam know if you can make it, and how many people will be attending, so that we can make sure we will have enough food for our Saturday night chicken barbecue.

Sam Kittle 209-559-0903

Alan Thayer 510-427-3432

See you all there!!

Alan Thayer and Sam Kittle, Co-hosts

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