Re: Livermore Fly-in is here!++


AT, you did a really fine job of organizing and hosting the LVK event.
Thank You. As a bit of gratitude and to put a cherry on top, I readily agreed
to write up the procedings for Q-TALK. I can certainly give a little of my
effort to match some of yours. How you snagged Hertzler as a speaker I dunno
but he was superior and it seemed he was having an excellent time getting
to know us and our planes. I know this won't go on forever but we have had
a smashing good time learning and socializing with you and Sam... and the
ladies are having a good time too!

I'm glad I started home earlier. My flight was OAK to ABQ to DAL. I was
warned by Mary and a gate agent that the plane was full outta ABQ but I took a
chance (I have a guardian angel after all). Actually I know that the ABQ
terminal has an excellent Albuquerque Turkey sandwich and an even better
Green Chile Chicken soup so getting kicked off wouldn't make me cry. However,
I stayed on even after 2 stand-bys were called and yanked off. Musta been
after me on the list. Smooth sailing allaway.

I had my Bday cake in LVK so Mary greeted me with a takee-outee sushi
dinner when I got home... but... boo hoo, no candles! Wuz great to see you
and in good health!

Your bud,

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