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OK Mike! I get your message.I guess I have to finish my Q then we can go for some big hambs in DeLand. Raoul

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Saturday the wife and I flew from KPIE to KOCF. The mission was to get
lunch in Ocala Florida. This place is not to far from the Jumbolair
airport where John Travolta keeps his fleet and the last time I had
lunch there Wayne Newton flew in with two private jets, one for him, one
for his crew. Today there was a ton of moisture just south of us,
Sarasota was getting hammered and I was concerned that it might move
North onto KPIE thus rendering it not a fun place to return to.
Throwing caution to the wind we taxied to RWY 35L and were cleared to
the NW to clear the Tampa Class B. I climbed first to 3000' then turned
NE and climbed to 5500' and was flying around the big puffy white clouds
that were numerous. The flight computer was playing classic rock and
telling me which way to go. 25 miles out we started down and when we
got below the clouds Ocala was in sight. The wind was 260 at 9 and
people seemed to be using 18. Ok, I like right cross winds. Set up for
left downwind and another plane called in left downwind also... He then
said he had me in sight, which is weird cause nobody can ever see this
Q200... Made an ok landing, no bounce and turned off for the taxi to
the restaurant. We parked right in front of the Cafe and went in for
lunch. Met a nice fellow with his binoculars, a serious airplane
watcher and he knew our plane was a Q200. That's weird also as few know
these Q planes.

After lunch we took to the sky again and climbed to 4500. Still the
same clouds around making a straight path home possible but not legal.
This time we fired up our little LCD Haier TV and tuned to the weather
station. I could see a red blob off in Tampa Bay but had no idea which
way it was moving. If it moves West we may have a problem. Still with
30 minutes to go and the classic rock playing I wasn't worried. I love
the idea of cheating the satellite folks out of $40 a month for their
weather service! Near Tampa we had to drop to below 3000, then over
KCLW to 2000. Got cleared to land and was back at the homedrome in one

Get you plane done and join us for lunch one day!
Mike Q200 N3QP

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