Re: GU Canard No Generators

Larry Severson

Larry, I have never read that the Q-2 used a GU25 (11)-8 Mod like the Dragonfly. Do you have a reference to Quickie literature or RAF that the GU canard was in-fact the Mod version?
No, however, I have the airfoil pictures of the two canards from the source that I mentioned before. I also have the airfoil picture of the GU from the Glascow University web site. The templates that came with the Q2 plans clearly match those listed as Dragonfly. Max thickness at the 40% of chord for the Dragonfly vs 48% for the GU25 and reasonably sharp nose vs one that has a diameter more than twice as big. [Interestingly, the Dragonfly L/D max is 28 while the same for the GU25 is 37.]

However, this does not answer the question of whether a "true" GU canard would avoid the need for VGs in rain. There is a lot of research, including a French team, testing what they claim is a GU canard, but do not list which one it was. Unfortunately, there are more than a few airfoils from GU. The only thing certain is that the initial reference at the start of this thread was about rain shedding wind generator airfoils, which are the GU25 (11)-8.

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