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Hey Jon,

Oh, no, .... a "special" event??? I'm white as a sheet here... hummm,
somehow, my palms are feeling really clammy right now, i think my pulse
rate just about doubled though and somehow, beads of honest sweat just
started forming on my brow... my stomach just started feeling awfully
queezy too.... this usually happens only when something really bad is
on the horizon, and which is clouding my judgment... Well, i have made
some visible progress... but ummm, no, not quite flying yet, but i'm
actually closer!!!! I do have witnesses, if that will help! And in
actuality, i WILL be flying to Omaha... just in a lot bigger plane, and
in a metal one to boot, with lots of vortex generators all over it, and
with no propellers! I don't think it uses the Jim-Bob Sixpack though,
so maybe i better think twice about this!



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Hi all,

Alan Thayer - last year while giving you a ride at Beatrice you said

you would have your plane done and fly it to Beatrice 2009. What is the

word? You flying or not?!?!? If not, I will begin preparations for a

special "event" for you at Beatrice. We have had WAY TOO MANY guys

words without any consequences - I think this needs to be

Any of you other west coast boys heading east? If so, anyone taking the

southern route (thru New Mexico - ABQ)?

Jon Finley

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