Re: Another question on disolving foam...

Richard Thomson

Hi Kieth,

On my Trq Q there was a trough there but no cover I recall. They must have
tried to fair it in on yours.
The first time I got in mine and put my hand down there it was full of
water, as the water drips from the broken front canopy seal fall straight
down there. Check your torque tubes as well, they might be corroded around
the bearing blocks (check for pinholes or deep pitting). Also worth a check
for delamination of the lower skin of the Canard along the rear spar joint,
out toward the mid elevator hinge point.
We used to have a problem identifying Fluids within bonded assemblies on
bigger aircraft. Used X ray to check for water pockets which was very
expensive. Anyone know for a new tool to help with this ( Any ideas Mike ) ?
Must be something out there these days.

Rich T



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