Re: Q2 as LSA?

Mike Perry

The Q2 does not come close to LSA criteria. You can download the POH from Jon Finley's site:

The factory said minimum speed at gross 64 mph (not sure anyone else actually achieved that) and top speed 180 mph.

You might check on the Dragonfly. Stall speed is published at 48 mph, cruise speed can be controlled by selecting an appropriate prop or smaller engine.

Mike Perry

bin.echo wrote:

I know this has been covered before but it seems to the main topic was the original Quickie. I'm wondering if the Q2 might qualify as E-LSA and be flyable under a Sport license. It seems like on the Q2 the question would mostly hinge on the stall speed. I've searched around and I can't find the stall speed for the Q2. Can anyone point me to a detailed summary of the Q2s flight characteristics?


(investigating Quickie Q2 ownership)

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