G-BXOY Rudder Horn & Intermediary device

Mike Perry

Hello Clive:

I am very interested in how you did the rudder horns and rudder pivot. I would appreciate more photos and/or more description.

Thanks -- Mike Perry

gobxoy@... wrote:

Hi Guys


As you already have the bell crank, there's not much point changing, in the UK I came up with an alternative used on two Quickies. It's simply a small triangle of SS sheet with three holes on each rudders horn. Which is lowered and the pivot moved to inside the rudder horn much like a larger elevator outer pivot, we ditched the pesky inadequate penolic bearing. It achieves a similar result, in that the ratios can be independent. It still gives rudder if the tail wheel is dangling in the air. Still reliant on the same number of splices, but simpler and lighter and easy to inspect, doesn't have anything inside the fuselage. There is a picture in the gobxoy album. Can add clearer shot if anyone asks.

The Gall essay is exemplary. Well worth reading.

Clive Clapham gobxoy

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