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Michael Quinn

This brings up a point - if you check the LS1 patterns they do not seem to be elongated to accomodate the rombodial diagonalizing... This would lead to a taller, but narrower profile (but only in a very small way). From my schooling, that would make this a slightly different airfoil than what is predicted.... I am tired, and will recheck this in the morning, but does anyone understand what I am saying? I have to stop pulling these 24 hours shifts!


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If I cut the main canard cores out of
squared blocks

The addendum that I have says "the hot-wire block sizes are exactly the same as called out in the Q-2 construction plans". This to me means that the blocks are not square but have the same tapered ends (rhombus not rectangle) where the templates attach for hot-wiring as did the GU core blocks.

and align the trailing edge of the blocks, the trailing edge
of the wing will not be perpindicular to BL0, as was the case on the GU

The trailing edge of the LS-1 spar from BL-15R to BL-15L will not be perpendicular to the fuselage center line as was the piece of foam in the same area for the GU canard. The rear surface of the LS-1 spar at BL-0 will be about 0.6" forward of the rear surface of the tubular spar at BL-15.

Hope I haven't made things less clear........


Leon McAtee

canard. It will be swept forward slightly. Is that correct for the LS1?
On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 10:46 AM, Sam Hoskins <sam.hoskins@...> wrote:
Jason. You cut the foam out of squared blocks, then simply align the
training edge. The sweep is defined by the templates.
Just make the trailing edge straight.
On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 10:53 AM, jason.roadman <jason.roadman@...<>
Can anyone provide some insight into the best way to align the templates
fore and aft (to get the proper sweep) when building an LS1 canard? The
templates have holes for string alignment, but the construction notes
to a method on sheet (W-4-8/26/83) and mention to disregard the hole
I don't have that appendix sheet and couldn't find it in the files
Does anyone have it? The notes go on to talk about a "3.5 deg + sweep aft
the spars at the outboard tip," but this statement doesn't make sense to
I tried to search previous messages on this list, as I'm guessing someone
else has already asked the question, but I'm new to the group and
get the search feature to find anything on the subject.
Using the string method, the trailing edge is not perpindicular to BL0 as
was the original GU canard. Can anyone comment on what the leading edge
traling edge sweep should be for the LS1 canard please?
Jason Roadman
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