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Sam Hoskins

Jason, at any rate, make sure you have all the plans. If you are missing a
sheet or two, you might be able to get them here:


On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 10:53 AM, jason.roadman <jason.roadman@...>wrote:

Can anyone provide some insight into the best way to align the templates
fore and aft (to get the proper sweep) when building an LS1 canard? The
templates have holes for string alignment, but the construction notes refer
to a method on sheet (W-4-8/26/83) and mention to disregard the hole method.
I don't have that appendix sheet and couldn't find it in the files section.
Does anyone have it? The notes go on to talk about a "3.5 deg + sweep aft of
the spars at the outboard tip," but this statement doesn't make sense to me.

I tried to search previous messages on this list, as I'm guessing someone
else has already asked the question, but I'm new to the group and couldn't
get the search feature to find anything on the subject.

Using the string method, the trailing edge is not perpindicular to BL0 as
was the original GU canard. Can anyone comment on what the leading edge or
traling edge sweep should be for the LS1 canard please?

Jason Roadman
Golden, CO
Q-Vair under construction
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