Re: Revmaster R-2100D Turbo high altitude Expereince?

Mike Perry

You might take this question over to the VW list, esp. questions about longevity of Turbo VWs. The problem with "getting peak HP out of this motor at all altitudes" is that VW heads have cooling trouble above 40-50 hp. There may be an answer for cooling problems someday but not currently.

You should look at Paul Spackman's posts in the archives. He had a Revmaster (non-turbo) in Casper WY, converted to a Jabiru 3300 and seems very happy. So there is an option if you start with the Revmaster and are not happy. Of course it costs $$$.

If you go VW/Revmaster keep it light!

Mike Perry

bin.echo wrote:

Does anyone here have experience with the Revmaster R-2100D Turbo in a Q2 at higher altitudes? I'm in Albuquerque (5352' MSL) and I've been warned by a local pilot the Revmaster is probably not adequate for the altitude here. I'm wondering if a turbo charger might at least make up for the horse power lost at the engine due to altitude. It would not make up for the density altitude of course. But I'm wondering if getting peak HP out of this motor at all altitudes would be enough to overcome the aerodynamic issues.

(Investigating Q2 ownership in Albuquerque)

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