Re: Revmaster R-2100D Turbo high altitude Expereince?

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Is that at Gross weight? What altitude were you able to achieve on your normally aspirated R-2100? (The high compression version) What clime rate are we talking about on take off from the high altitude air ports?

Keep in mind I'm asking about an R-2100 on a Q2. It has VGs but that still might not be enough to make up for the GU canard compared to the Q200.

Having owned one, a local pilot was very dubious about the ability of the R-2100 at to cut it at 6000 MSL + But perhaps there was something wrong with eh configuration of his engine? I'm trying to collect as many data points as I can here.

(Investigating Q2 ownership in Albuquerque)

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My TriQ200 has been through Gallup, NM Winslow, AZ. Belin, NM and did just fine. It did better before I rebuilt the engine and lost the high compression pistons.

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