Re: Spark plug wire

Mike Perry

Sorry Jim.

MSD Ignition Catalog. Website:

"Free Catalog" is a link on the home page or you can search on line. I don't think they sell direct, but other people sell their products on line or check with a local speed shop. The 34019 part number is still good.

Mike Perry

Jim P wrote:

What catalog are you refering to?

--- In Q-LIST@... <>, Mike Perry <dmperry1012@...> wrote:

MSD "Super Conductor" is 8.5 mm red, part # MSD 34019 (25 feet) Check
the part #, my catalog is old.


Jim P wrote:

Does anyone know where I can buy 8.5MM wire (red wire same as
Lightspeed uses)and connectors. I'm planning on installing new wires
at inspection time. I only need about 20'

I called Klaus but thought his prices were ridiculous at $20.00
per wire.


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